On July 22, 2013 by Rebekah Wineburg

Ah summertime, when the skies are blue, the vines are green and bottling is in the air. I’m extremely pleased to report that the 2011 Buccella wines are now resting peacefully in bottle; ready to be labeled and aged until they are released into your hands next spring.

When people ask me what’s my favorite part of being a winemaker I have a hard time choosing just one thing – is it translating the uniqueness of a particular season and site into wine, is it connecting with people and bringing pleasure into their days? I’ve got a dream job; there are just so many answers to that question. But when people ask me what’s my least favorite part about winemaking, there’s only one answer – BOTTLING! Why? Well, it’s like taking a final exam in school. At the point of bottling I’ve spent over two years pouring my heart and soul into these wines. And now I’ve got one day not to mess it all up. It’s a lot of pressure. We bring in a mobile bottling line, with the best operators in the business, which can fill our bottles at the speed of 80 bottles per The video below shows & best pal Lil Za taking a leisurely jog along a sun-kissed street in Hollywood – followed by his big bodyguard!Justin posted the video on his Instagram account with the message: “Lol @khalil “pace urself fellas y’all lose the yapparazzzi? ” lmao me and @theworldshero running in Hollywood”That nigga does not have to be jogging he’s already skinny Lol and who was online casino that talking? Normaly when someone wears green shoes and leather shorts it would look awful but when he wears it it kind of looks really good idkIkr Lookin good Justin, that’s the key stay fit eat right you can cheat from time to time. minute. The logistics are complex. At that rate it Er du en av mange mennesker som hele tiden har v?rt litt skeptiske til Casino pa nett, kommer nok ogsa du til a la deg friste etter a eventuelt ha provd Norsk Tippings nettcasino. only takes one day to bottle an entire Buccella vintage. So I need to make doubly sure all the supplies (donuts included) are ready for that day. I must count glass and corks 10 times before the day of bottling.

It will be awhile before the 2011 Buccella wines are

released from the winery and into your glass. Before I completely turn my attention to the upcoming harvest, it’s nice to take this time to review these wines that are lovely yet very young. The 2011 wines are already quite compelling, presenting juicy fruit coupled with a stony underbelly and beautiful texture in the tannins. Enjoy your rest and I look forward to tasting you again after harvest.

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